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When it comes to the wedding marquee trend, why settle for average when your love for each other is anything but? BRIGHTLY Ever After's hand-crafted 4 foot tall marquee letters are the bomb. Seriously. Tongues will be wagging and your wedding hashtag will be blowing up.

We can put anything your heart desires in lights! Choose from our signature Big LOVE, our ampersand with two initials, your new surname...even TACO. Because who doesn't love tacos?!


All of BRIGHTLY's 4 foot light-up letters feature your choice of warm white or pure white faceted LED globe bulbs that emit a brilliant, radiating glow in all directions. Made of acrylic resin rather than glass, our UL Listed LED bulbs are virtually unbreakable and remain cool to the touch, so they not only look amazing but are safe for you and guests. Each letter is individually wired, giving you the freedom to place and space your letters any way you heart desires. Extension cords connect the letters as needed, requiring only one power outlet.

Want to bring a splash of color to your party decor? We also offer our faceted LED globe bulbs in a rainbow of colors, including: red, pink, purple, blue, green, orange and yellow.

Please contact us for details, pricing and bookings! We can't wait to help your event shine BRIGHTLY Ever After!

Marquee Letter Rental Washington dc Virginia Maryland

They're a Showstopper!


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